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Why Invest In BIG

At Bharat Investment Group (BIG), you will be able to make financial choices that will eventually help the development of you, if you have the foresight to identify whether an investment will provide a favourable return. BIG offers the standard returns, that is every investment, you receive minimum of 18 per cent to maximum of 24 percent returns on your investment per annual basis.

The invested amount is locked for 18 months, you will receive 18 to 24 per cent on your investment annually as long as your investment is alive. If any unforeseen emergency arises, you can withdraw the whole amount within a year, but with the conditions when the investment agreement was drawn.

BIG would make investment decisions based on pros and cons of every investment aspect and would invest in following areas

Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is incredibly advantageous. Real estate may be used to grow wealth if well-chosen assets provide consistent income, high yields, tax benefits, and diversity. BIG helps your journey easy and safe with the expertise all along the way.

Startup Investment

After careful assessment, analysis, and practical approach in the market by the team of various field experts, BIG will make diversified investments with your money, that would undoubtedly bring you profits.

The system of the startup will be increasingly influenced by the investors. Investing in a business may provide a number of financial advantages. Even with simply initial funding and management services, the return will be spectacular. Individual or group investments in India's fast-growing companies may provide better returns. In India, there are around 14600 new businesses, and their prospects of success are strong due to their creative character.

Stock Market Investment

Not everyone has the knowledge about the stock market, but everyone has the right to earn legally from anywhere they can, and the stock market is no exception. Hence, BIG is here for you to lay off all that hardship and invest in the stock market, ultimately gaining profit for you. Stocks may play a significant role in your portfolio. Diversified stock investments may help you grow your money, safeguard it from inflation and taxes, and maximize your earnings. When investing in stocks, know the risks. It's vital to understand the risk/reward connection and your individual risk tolerance before making any investment.

Returns on Investments
One of the primary advantages of stock market investment is the potential for profit. If the value of the stock market grows, the price of a single stock may climb or decline over time.

Investors that put their money into respectable firms will see their profits grow. Investing in various stocks may also help individuals build wealth by allowing them to benefit from the expansion of different industries.

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