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Make Your Life Easy With The Correct Investment Solution

Why Invest in BIG ?

At Bharat Investment Group (BIG), you will be able to make financial choices that will eventually help the development of you, if you have the foresight to identify whether an investment will provide a favorable return.


BIG has a passionate team from premier institutes like IIFT, IIT, and NITs and has core knowledge in investing sector and capable of generating good returns on your Investments.


We aim at the benefit of clients at every step and profit from every penny that they invested. Positive Impact, Client Centric, Diversification and Integrity are the core values that BIG holds tight.


BIG offers the standard returns, that is every investment, you receive minimum of 15 % to maximum of 18 % returns on your investment per annual basis. The minimum lock in period is 2 years. Returns are offered based on the following slabs.*

Between Rs 5 Lacs - 10 Lacs
15% p.a
Between Rs 10 Lacs - 25 Lacs
16% p.a
Between Rs 25 Lacs - 50 Lacs
17% p.a
Above Rs 50 Lacs
18% p.a
If any investment is continued beyond 2 years, an additional 1-2% of return is offered for the next 2 years lock in period.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Client Experiences

Investment is made easy and hassile-free by BIG. I do not have to worry about the research where to invest, as I will be the one who gives money, and the rest will be taken care by the professionals at BIG

-Ram Murthy

"Giving your money to a trustworthy organisation is the best step towards successful investment BIG is such a step."

Surya Kanthi

"Depending on their statistics, the team designs their strategies, ultimately the investor is the one who is tremendously benifited "

-Ganesh Chaturvedi

"The best supporting team ever. Investing requires lot of trust and patience. With the healthy and smart supporting investing team like BIG, reaching profits is only a natural result"

-Ravi Varma

"Iam so happy that I started my investment journey with BIG. The returns I got reflected their core values"

-Sarath Bandaar

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